Region I Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC)
This committee was formed by SEMA to carry out Regional Homeland Security planning, including administration of Homeland Security grants. Region I includes Crawford, Dent, Laclede, Maries, Phelps and Pulaski Counties.

Emergency Management
Randy Rowe ,  Primary – Laclede County Office of Emergency ManagementCrawford
Scott Cason,  Alternate – County Deputy EMD

Police Chiefs
Dan Cordova,Primary – City of Waynesville
Nicholas Pappas, Alternate – City of Crocker

Primary – vacant
Alternate – vacant

Fire Chiefs
DonGood, Primary- Rural Fire Department
Larry Flesher, Alternate – Sullivan Fire Protection DistrictLenox

County Health
Israel Doba, Primary – Pulaski County
Deborah Baker, Alternate – Pulaski County

Homeland Security Response Team
Ronald E. Smith (Chair), Primary – Rolla HRTS
Adam Birdsong, Alternate  – Rolla HRTS

Public Works
Primary – vacant
Lyle Thomas, Alternate – St. James Public Works Director

Mayor/City Administrator
Glen Smith – City of Crocker
Alternate – vacant

County Commissioners
Gary Hicks, Primary   – Phelps County
Darrell Skiles, Alternate – Dent County Presiding Commissioner

Public Utility/Private Industry
Primary – vacant
Tony Floyd, Alternate – Intercounty Electric Cooperative

Emergency Medical Services
Linda Kerr, Primary – Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Bryan Lambeth, Alternate – St. James Ambulance District

Doug Yurecko, Primary –   Pulaski County 911
Michael J. Keen, Alternate – Crawford County 911

David Sewell, Primary – American Red Cross
Alternate – vacant

Brad Armstrong, Primary –  Lebanon R-III Schools
Merlyn Johnson, Alternate – St. James R-I

Deborah Halinar, Primary – Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Tabitha Stanfast, Alternate – Salem Memorial District Hospital

Ex-Officio Members
Roger Windle, Missouri Division of Fire Safety
vacant, Department of Health and Senior Services
Alan Cortvrient, Department of Natural Resources
Dr. Joseph Baker, Missouri Department of Agriculture
Henry Haggard, Missouri Department Of Transportation
James Remillard, Missouri State Highway Patrol
Brett Hendrix, SEMA
Becky Tryon, Fort Leonard Wood
Rick Walls, MO University of Science & Technology
Russ Caton, U. S. Geological Survey
Joni McCarter, Department of Public Safety
Julie Stolting, American Red Cross
Bonnie Prigge, Meramec Regional Planning Commission


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